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The brand Al Gawsit Endurance Cup®, that has immediately received a warm welcome by the world of endurance, will stop in Castellaneta Marina on the Ionian coast from 15th to 16th October 2022.

Al Gawsit Endurance Cup® 2022 will be remembered not only for the extraordinary beauty of the track but also as the richest competition of the year.

A far as the 50.000,00 € prize money is concerned, we must be thankful to the event’s special partner: Deutsche Bank Financial Advisor of Empoli (Group Manager Giacomelli Paolo) and the institutions involved in the enhancement of Italian horse breeding such as MiPAAF (Minister of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy) and ANICA (Italian Purebred Arabian Horses Association) that, with the cooperation of AIACE (Endurance Horse breeders Italian Association) have chosen Castellaneta as a showcase of excellence.

The winner of the international CEI1* on 15th October, will be awarded the prize of 10.000,00 €.

The remaining 35.000,00 € prize money provided by the DB Group, with the deduction of FEI rights, will be divided among the first five classified riders of the CEI1* 100 KM category.

The Committee Organizer of the Al Gawsit 2022 Edition, ASD APULIA ENDURANCE CENTER & CT ARABIANS, is currently working hard to ensure important prizes to all its participants and facilities for foreign riders.

As expected by the formula of the brand, the few hectares of the Endurance Village will include the competition field, the stables area, and an amazing tourist village to host the crew. Everything enclosed in a few steps.

A key role will be played by the fresh air that the lucky horses will breathe immersed in the immense Aleppo woods with a view on the crystalline sea.

The track will wind through the pine forests of the Naturalistic Reserve of Stornara, along the river Lato, reaching the stunning fine sand beach of the Ionian city.

Two loops of rare beauty, on mainly sandy ground.

It will be an extraordinary race.

A unique star that shines with its own light that will reward female and male riders with important prize money, worthy of great occasions.

ANICA’s MiPAAF rides of National Endurance will be held the following day of the FEI race.

For the very first time a MiPAAF leg, strongly desired by Pierluigi Grassi, will reach the Italian region of Apulia.

We must also thank Francesco Colombo and his tireless Organizing Committee.

Castellaneta Marina is a young, appreciated pearl of Apulia with a strong tourist vocation, it is also well known for its naturalistic-scientific importance.

A municipality that is growing rapidly and has immediately welcomed the event. The support of the vice-mayor Giuseppe Angelillo is fundamental, he is fond of horses and now also of endurance riding.

The “Buen Retiro” of the lucky ones attending the event of the year will be at “I Turchesi Village Resort” a real jewel overlooking its turquoise Ionian waters, as its name suggests. The biggest pool of Italy will be the frame during the well-deserved moments of relaxation for all the crews.

Next to ASD APULIA stands “Confindustria Puglia”, represented by Massimo Salomone (Coordinator Tourism Section). A fundamental attendance that expresses its appreciation for the discipline as a driving force for local tourism.

Apulia is waiting for you all

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